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The Fasolino companies were founded 89 years ago by Antonio Fasolino in Nola, Italy. His first factory, a 20,000 square foot plant with five pasta machines, had a production capacity of 12 million pounds of pasta per year.

Today Fasolino's produces an astonishing 5 billion pounds of pasta each year with equal production of tomatoes and olive oil. Fasolino Foods has built its business on a commitment to its family tradition, its high-quality products, its planning for the future and financial investment.


Euro-American Foods Group Co., Inc. was established in 2002 as a prodigy and successor to its enormously successful predecessor Fasolino Foods Co., Inc. in order to reorganize and commence the importation of the world renowned/nationally distributed Fasolino brand of Italian imported pasta, olive oil, tomatoes and extended family of fine food products.

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— Shop the Fasolino's online store for your favorite Fasolino's pasta, olive oil and tomatoes products.

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— Fasolino's is awarded the Santé Gold Star Award. Santé, the magazine for restaurant professionals, recognized Fasolino's for exceptional merit and outstanding contributions to the world of fine foods. more info...

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